Lotto NZ launches online subscriptions to buy weekly lottery ticket

Lotto New Zealand recently launched their first "pay-as-you-go" subscription feature for players purchasing lottery tickets through their website, 

This service was launched in December, just in time before regular players go on their Christmas holidays. It enables registered online customers to subscribe to play two of Lotto NZ’s most popular large jackpotting games – Lotto and Big Wednesday – for 3, 6 or 12 months, allowing players to ensure they never miss a draw. 

While the service enables MyLotto to automatically purchases tickets on a player’s behalf, players remain in control of their spending and can stop their subscription at any time. Players are also notified each time a ticket is purchased under their subscription.  

At all times, Lotto NZ encourages customers to play responsibly – which they have defined as customers having fun, being informed and knowing their limits. As a result, several safeguards have been included in the subscriptions feature, including a commitment from Lotto NZ to not make purchases on a customer's behalf if they do not have enough money linked to their account. 

Additionally, the MyLotto website has a range of measures in place to encourage responsible play. These include having set spending limits on the site (all customers are only able to spend up to $150 a week or $300 a month), providing the ability for customers to set lower spending limits, giving customers the option to self-exclude from games, and providing information about responsible gambling that is available from every page of the website.