APLA/WLA Seminar 2017 in Chengdu, 24-27 April 2017
Posted on 17 January 2017
Lottery Today: To Transform or Be Disrupted

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APLA/WLA Seminar 2017

Digital transformation is revolutionizing and fundamentally changing the way we live, work and consume. Digital Technology is fuelling the transformation together with changes in organizational structures, leadership and mind-set changes.
Companies anticipate the great impact digital technologies will make on their respective industries and the ability to create rich opportunities for entrepreneurs and organisations to innovate to create new markets or try to retain existing ones. This disruption is characterized in several ways: new business models, technology integration to keep closer contact with customers and partners, and new strategies for getting work accomplished.

While many marketers say they are digitally transforming, actually very few of them even know what the term means.
Is this any different in the Lottery Industry?
Sign up and attend our special 2-day Seminar in Chengdu, China from 24-27 April 2017 where we have lined up specialists to share with us insights on how to Transform and how the various industries are being disrupted. We need to take cognizance and prepare ourselves to brace for the next wave that is now fast approaching our doorsteps. 

Highlights of the Social Programme
Opening Dinner:
Yi Bin Room, Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu
Mon, 24 Apr
Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu has won numerous awards including Top 25 Business Hotels in the National Geographic Traveller (China), China 100 Best Hotels, and China Hotel Charisma Awards Best Business Hotel.  Enjoy a specially selected SiChuan cuisine to welcome you to Chengdu. This is a good time to network with speakers, industry peers and partners at this first dinner event.
Closing Dinner:

Great Happiness Sichuan Cuisine (Daxi Chuancai) at Shijicheng Rd
Wed, 26 Apr

Experience authentic Chinese Sichuan cuisine, where the menu features selected dishes with the distinctive Sichuan taste of spicy chilies and peppercorns. Don’t worry, we will try and tone it down for our overseas guests. Located next to the river, the restaurant offers an elegant, traditional and pleasant ambience.

Networking Day:


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – Dujiangyan
Lunch at Old House Restaurant
Thu, 27 Apr
A trip to Chengdu is not complete without seeing China’s cuddly national icon, the panda bear.  The base began with 6 giant pandas rescued from the wild and after years of successful breeding programs, they now have a total of 97 pandas. Visitors will find large, outdoor enclosures which make the centre feel a bit less like a zoo. Admittedly, the pandas near the entrance seem a little gloomy under the constant gaze of large groups of tourists, but walk further into the park away from the crowds and you will find contented-looking pandas enjoying their favourite pastimes: sleeping, eating and occasionally cheekily pushing their brother or sister off the branch of a tree. You can also visit some of the other endangered animals that the base cares for, including red pandas, golden monkeys and many species of birds.

Chengdu Day Tour – 24 April 2017 (OPTIONAL: US$70/person):


Wuhou Temple & Jinli Street
Mon, 24 Apr
The Wuhou Temple (The Temple of Marquis Wu) in Chengdu's south suburb is the most famous and influential of the temples dedicated to Zhuge Liang who lived from 181 until 234 AD. He is one of China's famous historic figures, being a renowned minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei (161-223) of the Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period in China. The temple is also dedicated to Emperor Liu Bei. It was built during the Qing dynasty in 1672. Because Zhuge Liang was granted the title of "Wuxiang Hou" (Marquis Wuxiang) in his lifetime, this temple is known as the Wuhou Memorial Temple. The temple is one of Chengdu's major attractions and contains numerous statues to Emperor Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and other officials of the Shu Kingdom, and there are ancient inscriptions and tablets that are famous in China. After touring the temple, you will be led to Jinli Street to explore around and for you to pick up souvenirs to take home.

Seminar Fees
 Categories  Fees Per Person
 APLA/WLA Member  US$800
 APLA/WLA Associate Member  US$1,000
 Non-APLA/Non-WLA Member  US$1,200
 Accompanying Person  US$300

Seminar Venue & Accomodation 

The Seminar Hotel

The Seminar hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu, is offering discounted room rates especially for you as seminar delegates, as well as your companions, within the period of 23 April 2017 to 27 April 2017.
Room Category Daily Room Rates
Deluxe City View Single Room RMB830.19/night + 6% VAT (RMB880 net/night)
Deluxe River View Single Room RMB924.53/night + 6% VAT (RMB980 net/night)
Deluxe City View Twin Room RMB923.53.19/night + 6% VAT (RMB980 net/night)
Deluxe River View Twin Room      RMB1,018.87/night + 6% VAT (RMB1,080 net/night)
Horizon River View Room RMB1,415.09/night + 6% VAT (RMB1,500 net/night)
Executive Suite   RMB2,075.47/night + 6% VAT (RMB2,200 net/night)

  1. Check-in time is 1400 hours on the day of arrival. Delegates who wish to occupy their Guest Room before 1400 hours must reserve the Guest Room for a night prior to the arrival date.
  2. Check-out time is 1200 hours on the day of departure.Delegates who check out after 1200 hours shall be charged for additional night under the Daily Room Rate.
  3. Inclusive of buffet breakfast, and in-house internet/WIFI.
  4. Hotel’s cancellation policy:
    • Cancellation before or on 15 April: No penalty charge.
    • Cancellation after 15 April, but before check-in date: Penalty charge of 1 room-night.
Cancellation on or after check-in date: Penalty charge of full room charges.

Airport Transfer
International delegates will arrive at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (www.cdairport.com), the only international airport in Chengdu.  It is not easy to take a public taxi/bus, unless you can speak the local Sichuan dialect, which sounds slightly different from the Mandarin often spoken in other parts of China/Asia.
Therefore, we suggest that you book your airport transfer in advance, using these options:
  • For airport to hotel:Under “Optional Items” in the Seminar Registration Form;
  • For airport to hotel, and/or return trip:With the hotel (information below).
For your planning, it takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on traffic conditions) to travel from airport to hotel, and similar for the return trip.
This hotel’s limousine service has rental per person as follows:
Vehicle Airport Pick up Airport Send off
Mercedes-Benz S350(4 Persons) RMB800net RMB800net
Mercedes-Benz S200(4 Persons) RMB500net RMB500net
Buick GL8(7 persons) RMB500net RMB500net
Coaster(17 persons) RMB800net RMB800net

Please make and confirm this transportation reservation via your own online booking with the hotel, at least ten working days in advance.


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