Marketing Seminar – The biggest trend in marketing is SMALL! (07 FEB – 09 FEB 2018)
Posted on 02 January 2018
Marketing Seminar – The biggest trend in marketing is SMALL!
07 FEB – 09 FEB 2018
Location: The Bloomsbury Hotel, Great Russell Street 16-22, London, England, United Kingdom

A EL/WLA Event – Hosted by Camelot

Last year we explored the 3B’s of lottery marketing, the big jackpots, big communities and big data and we understood the challenges of being BIG. The inconvenient truth of being BIG is that the models built to manage these sizes are the same models that potentially prevent our lotteries from seizing new opportunities, personalising our communication and focusing on individual’s needs. Lotteries need to also “think SMALL!” The logic behind “Thinking SMALL” is based on the world we now live in. A world where small clusters of niches, competitors and individuals contradict every business model ever created; this is a world where the small have become mighty. With the help of inspiring keynote speakers from inside and outside the lottery sector, we will explore what The Small-mighty consumer and business community means for marketing.

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