About APLA

Originally founded as an association in 2000, the Asia Pacific Lottery Association Limited (APLA) is one of five regional associations of the World Lottery Association and represents 21 full members from 12 countries and 24 Associate Members from 11 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

APLA provides a platform for its members to share their knowledge, experience and expertise about the global lottery industry, ensuring best practice.

Through APLA, members develop strong personal and professional networks by offering their support and guidance to their colleagues.

APLA’s objectives are to advance the goals and interests of its members and to enhance the capability and common knowledge of members by:

  • Promoting and encouraging the exchange of experience, information and resources among members
  • Convening meetings, conferences, working groups and other forums to facilitate communication among members
  • Serving as a platform to discuss lottery-related issues
  • Establishing services in education, statistics, information and administrative matters relevant to the lottery industry
  • Representing the interests of members and promoting the alignment of their aims and objectives at a global and region level

History of APLA

The Asia Pacific Lotteries Association (APLA) was formally established at the World Lottery Association Conference in Glasglow, Scotland in 2000.

It was the first regional lotteries association to represent the interests of the Asia Pacific region, with an APLA member nominated to sit on the World Lottery Association Executive Committee.

From 2002, APLA organised member activities in the Asia Pacific region including a sports seminar in Seoul, a retail management seminar in Perth, and a study tour to China. It aims to organise at least two events for its members every year, from seminars to annual conferences and Annual General Meetings.

After originally being founded as an association in 2000, in October 2018, APLA members voted unanimously to incorporate APLA as a public company by guarantee in Singapore. Its Certificate of Registration is UEN201836926G. The previous APLA was  dissolved as an association in February 2019.

The company was incorporated with seven founding directors, as well as eight founding members.

At its first board meeting in November 2018, APLA appointed a new Executive Committee, responsible for overseeing activities and programs in the Asia Pacific region.

The Board also appointed Mr John Teo as the Executive Director of the company from December 2018. He had served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Singapore Pools.

In May 2019, Ms Sue van der Merwe, Managing Director of Tabcorp’s Lotteries & Keno division, was appointed Chairman.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 APLA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held as a virtual meeting for the first time.

During the AGM, members elected a new Executive Committee who will serve on a two year term and approve financial budgets and membership fees.