APLA farewells Mr Richard Cheung

APLA would like to announce that Mr Richard Cheung of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has resigned as a member of the Executive Committee from 20 May 2022 following his departure from the HKJC.

Mr Cheung last held the appointment of Executive Director, International Business and Mainland Development at the HKJC.

At the last Executive Committee meeting on 17 May 2022, APLA Chairman Sue van der Merwe expressed on behalf of the Committee members her thanks and appreciation to Mr Cheung for his valuable services to APLA over these past years.

She added that APLA will miss his input as a member of the Executive Committee and wished him all the best in his next career.

The Committee looks forward to the next appointee from the HKJC to continue to contribute to the work of APLA.

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