Committed and Respected : Thank You Mr Yokoyama of Japan Lottery Association

The APLA Executive Committee wishes to express its appreciation and thanks to Mr Yokichi Yokoyama, the former President of Japan Lottery Association (JLA), for his contribution over the past 8 years.  Mr Yokoyama was appointed President of JLA in June 2013 and retired from JLA on 1 June 2021. 

The Committee would like to introduce Mr Kazuhisa Yamaguchi, who succeeded Mr Yokoyama as the new President of JLA on 1 June 2021. Mr Yamaguchi was appointed a member of the APLA Executive Committee on 7 July 2021. Like his predecessor, Mr Yamaguchi has spent many years in the public service in Japan. He was President of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Welfare and Public Health Foundation from March 2009 to March 2011. Prior to that he served as Vice Chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government from May 2007 to 2009. His most recent role has been as President of Tokyotokeiba Co. Ltd of Japan from March 2011 till 2019. 

Welcome onboard Mr Yamaguchi!

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