Wrap-up of the 2023 APLA Regional Conference

The 2023 APLA Regional Conference took place in Bangkok, Thailand from 24-27 October with the theme of ‘New Thinking for a Sustainable Future’.

A vibrant and diverse business program was brought to life by the impressive calibre of international speakers who came together and shared their knowledge and expertise at this wonderful event.

Over  an engaging and thought-provoking two days, we explored a wide range of perspectives on what needs to be considered to ensure a sustainable future for the lotteries industry and the importance of remaining sustainable in order to continue to contribute to the communities in which lotteries operate.

We observed that many of us are physically present but mentally absent, highlighting that being omni present is key to building successful brands. We were challenged to take a different view of commercial criteria around the marketing decisions we make, using technologies to create mental availability even if it’s not necessarily creating physical availability, investing for the future, and building the connection and mental availability with our future customers.

We heard about the need to remove structural barriers and centralise marketing into our sustainability transformations. And that crystalising the link between marketing sustainability efforts and medium to long term business outcomes will be key to our success.

We learned about the history of the development of AI and why it has only in recent times captured our attention as a practical tool with broad application, but that it also comes with risks, and we were reminded of the need to build and use AI responsibly. Opportunities to drive operational efficiencies, detect fraud, conduct draws, enhance customer experience, and seize illegal markets are some of the many ways in which AI can assist our businesses and customers.

We also made time for fun, exploration, and connection through a series of social and networking events that allowed us to catch up at a sightseeing tour of Bangkok; the Opening Dinner at the stunning conference venue – the Siam Kempinski Hotel; a river cruise and the Closing Dinner at the Hilton Millenium Hotel; and the Networking Day at Blue Elephant with a traditional Thai cooking class.

Click here to view the photos from the 2023 APLA Regional Conference.

It’s important to acknowledge that an event such as this is a success for a few key reasons and a number of key people.

The first is the participation of delegates. APLA thanks everyone who showed their support by attending this event. We hope you gained many valuable insights from the business program that you can integrate within your organisations and help move this brilliant industry of ours forward, thoughtfully and sustainably.

APLA also gives thanks to our wonderful sponsors, whose support is vital to hosting events such as these. Thank you to our Gold Sponsors – Scientific Games, IGT and Pollard Banknote, together with our Silver Sponsors – Jumbo Interactive and Carmanah Signs.

Finally, thank you to the organising team from APLA, The Lottery Corporation and host lottery, The Government Lottery Office of Thailand, who worked extremely hard in the months leading up to the event, and to our volunteers for generously giving their time and assistance throughout the conference.

We are so lucky to work in the lotteries industry – one that strives to create a positive impact on the world and help make people’s dreams come true – and after the experience we had at the 2023 APLA Regional Conference, we are beyond excited for the future.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next APLA event in 2024!

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